FirstClass Log Analyzer
A powerful tool for System Administrators

FirstClass Log Analyzer provides a robust set of features for analyzing and summarizing information contained in FirstClass log files. It can help Administrators answer important questions about the usage and performance of a FirstClass system as well as assist in configuration planning and setting policies.

Log Analyzer
With FirstClass Log Analyzer, data may be summarized by access type, User ID, time-of-day, platform, IP address and more, providing information such as:
  • User upgrade rates
  • Mailicious access attempts
  • Peak service hours
  • Amount of SPAM being received
  • Analysis of connectivity based on location
FirstClass Log Analyzer offers a myriad of features and benefits to Administrators, including:
  • Flexible analysis options
  • Drill-down reporting
  • Advanced filtering
  • Scheduled analysis and report creation
  • Advanced HTML reports
  • IP Address look-up
By helping you answer questions about activity on your FirstClass system, FirstClass Log Analyzer gives you all the information you need about how your system is used.  This added knowledge can help you make informed decisions regarding system security, configuration, hardware and networking infrastructure, and usage policies.

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