FirstClass Application Services
Extending the functionality of FirstClass

FirstClass Application Services (FCAS), like Internet Services, uses FirstClass gateway technology to connect to the FirstClass Server. Using FCAS, you can extend the functionality of FirstClass by building applications to access information outside FirstClass or within the FirstClass network store.


FCAS starts when the server is started, and stops when the server is shut down. FCAS applications can access the resources and databases available on the server without requiring their installation or configuration on client machines.

Developing an FCAS application once makes it available on all supported FirstClass platforms. FCAS can run in a distributed environment. This allows you to run FCAS on a dedicated computer or, if required for high load sites, as a clustered service.

The development environment can be launched by anyone who is given a copy of the FCAS application, and can be used from any FirstClass client.
Check out the FirstClass Appstore to download pre-built applications.

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