FirstClass Directory Services
FirstClass Directory Services (FCDS) is an optional add-on which enables communication between the FirstClass Server and an external LDAP V3 server, such as Active Directory, for the purposes of authentication and user replication.  If your organization uses an LDAP server to maintain users, you can take advantage of FCDS to share Directory maintenance and authentication with FirstClass.

Collaborative Suite
FCDS can run on Windows, Mac or Linux systems while the FirstClass server can be running on any of its supported operating systems. FCDS sits between the FirstClass server and the LDAP server.

When users log into FirstClass, they can be authenticated in the standard way by the FirstClass server or by the external LDAP server (remote authentication) using FCDS, depending on configuration. For external connections to FCDS, FCDS can allow anonymous logins as well as secure connections (SSL).

There is no charge for the Directory Services license. Configuring FirstClass Directory Services to authenticate FirstClass user logins against an existing LDAP directory requires assistance from FirstClass Professional Services, performed remotely or on-site. Pricing is available from your FirstClass representative or FirstClass Certified Channel Partner.

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