FirstClass Collaborative Suite
At its core, the FirstClass Collaborative Suite is a rich collaboration platform which has been carefully crafted to support how people collaborate today, enabling users to work together more effectively and feel connected to each other and their organisation.  

Organizations interested in leveraging available expertise, promoting successful teamwork and encouraging a positive culture throughout their organisations can also take advantage of the rich set of social collaboration tools available in FirstClass, collectively known as FirstClass Communities.

Collaborative Suite
Communication and personal organization tools, including email, instant messaging, calendaring, contacts, web publishing, file storage and more.

Mobile clients available for the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android.

FirstClass Communities provide a dynamic and effortless environment for team collaboration, bringing all the spontaneity and creativity of social networking inside the secure environment of your corporate network.

Runs out of the box, in the cloud or in your IT facility. For information on the various platforms FirstClass supports please see the FirstClass Product Requirements page.

Providing a rich and secure platform for your organization, FirstClass has several layers of security to protect enterprise level information.

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