Video Tutorials - Personal Preferences
Personal Preferences
In this section the focus is on how you can manage your personal preferences.
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Replying to and Quoting Content Learn how to manage your reply preferences and how to quote all or a selected portion of a message in the reply. Click to Play

Controlling Volume of FirstClass Event Sounds In this video we demonstrate how to adjust the volume of FirstClass Event Sounds. Click to Play

Signatures Video instructs how to create a signature that can be added to end of emails. Choose from the default or one of the many other optional signatures. Click to Play

Auto Reply Learn how to create an out-of-office auto reply if you are going to be away for an extended period of time. Click to Play

FirstClass Spell Check Learn how to manage FirstClass' built in spell checking and to automatically enable it before sending emails. Click to Play

Navigation and Reading Pane In this video we show you how to manage your Navigation Pane, the Launch Bar and the reading pane. Click to Play

Aliases and Mailbox Organization Learn how to make aliases of conferences within conferences to add them to your desktop and how to configure your mailbox to help you monitor contributions to conferences. Click to Play

Recovering Lost Toolbars Lost your Edit toolbar or another one? Find out how to recover it. Click to Play

Toolbar Customization Learn how to customize the toolbars on different FirstClass objects like incoming and outgoing emails, mailbox, etc. Click to Play

Alternate Mail and Contact Forms Learn how you can change your mail form to more closely resemble Microsoft Outlook or choose from a selection of different contact forms. Click to Play

Default font, color and size Learn how you can change your default fonts, color and size of text for all new outgoing messages and how to change the scale for larger text viewing. Click to Play

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