FirstClass in the Cloud
Within organizations there is often pressure to increase cost efficiency while increasing services. Coupled with budgets being constantly scrutinized and the increasing need to do more with less, hosted and managed services can often provide an ideal and effective solution.
Hosting Services

Hosting Services
  • Multiple physical data locations dedicated to hosting clientele
  • Datacenters meet TIA-942 datacenter standard III or better
  • Dual backup power strategy featuring UPS & generators with established fuel supply services
  • Fail safe climate control systems
  • Computer safe fire suppression
  • 24 hour video surveillance and on-site security personnel
  • Biometric and electronic key physical access
  • Off-site secure data storage
  • Intrusion prevention and redundant firewalls
  • Fault tolerant global IP backbone
  • Accelerated content delivery network options
  • Hardware and equipment from Tier 1 vendors
  • Scalable, fault tolerant application and back-end services
  • Network fault tolerance with load balancer, router, switch and interface redundancy
  • SAN & NAS using RAID technology
  • Remote facility fail-over options (Disaster Recovery)

Hosting Services

Hosting Services
  • Base Product
  • The FirstClass Suite (2 GB quota, 1 year default expiry)
  • Email and Instant Messaging
  • Calendars and Contact Management
  • Collaborative Conferences and Workspaces
  • FirstClass Communities
  • Personal Web Publishing
  • Personal File Storage
  • Synchronization Services
  • Directory Synching
  • Virus and Spam scanning
Additional Benefits and Options
  • Managed Web Publishing with RWD
  • Archiving
  • Flexible offerings to meet business requirements
  • Customer owned content
  • Quality enterprise grade solutions – on time and on budget

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