GetSmart Program
This package is targeted towards existing customers who wish to maximize their investment in FirstClass and take advantage of the full feature set.

322012_13935_0.jpgAre you Taking Full Advantage of the Power of FirstClass?
Some FirstClass customers, who don’t take full advantage of the system, often end up purchasing or developing other systems and tools because they aren’t aware of the features that their current FirstClass platform offers.  By way of example, one midwestern School District has achieved a projected 5-year cost saving of almost $1 million because they have focused on delivering as many services as possible through FirstClass. The savings resulted from a reduction in their need for administrator and end user training and the avoidance of unnecessary software and hardware expenditure.

GetSmart With FirstClass
The GetSmart package can be customized to meet your needs.  Contact FirstClass Sales at for a quote.

Package and benefits include:

Saving money and capitalizing on your investement
Gaining an indepth understanding of FirstClass features and capabilities
Server audit and analysis
Customized Administration Training